Fresh Start Fauxmage is a delicious plant-based cheesy alternative, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. 


Baked Feta Style: Almond-based with a mix of olive oil, lemon & garlic. Smooth & crumbly with a piquant punch, Baked Feta is the most versatile Fauxmage. Pair it with wine, preserves, salad, soup, lasagna or even pizza! The possibilities are endless.


Chili Lime: Fermented chili paste & fresh cilantro with garlic & lime. A complex, spicy, sweet taste adventure. King of the charcuterie board! Takes sandwiches and dips to a new level. This Fauxmage has reached cult status among Fauxmage lovers.


Creamy Pesto: Fresh basil, lemon & garlic. Bold herb bouquet with a garlic punch. Melts right into warm pasta for an impressive and quick meal. Elevates sandwiches and charcuterie boards!


Creamy Herb: Fresh dill & chives with a hint of garlic. A best seller! Light, fresh herb notes in a mellow, cultured base. A vegan homage to Boursin. Great for charcuterie, potatoes, sandwiches, pasta and more!


Monk's Cheddar Style: Spanish Smoked Paprika. Sharp, tangy & smoky – this Fauxmage is a wonderful compliment to many dishes. Grilled cheese, veggie burgers, melted on nachos or mix it with salsa for a delectable dairy-free queso dip.



Currently, this product is only available for delivery or pick-up in HRM. Order $50 or more for free delivery or free pick-up at our facility (6390 Cork St) during our hours of operation. 


*Product made by Fresh Start Fauxmage 

Fresh Start Fauxmage